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Advanced AI Application Development Services

Helping clients globally automate their business operations, improve performance and reach an outstanding user experience by building AI-based enterprise software.

AI Consulting and Strategy

Our AI development company develops customized AI strategies for organizations of any size and line of business. Together we’ll create the optimal architecture of your solutions, select the toolset, build a realistic development roadmap and more.

Custom AI Application Development

Our expert team provides AI development services designed for your needs. From the specs development, through data preparation, model creation and training to the ready high-precision AI solution deployed to where you need it – we’ve got you covered across the whole product creation lifecycle.

AI Chatbots

If your business depends on customer-support quality, AI chatbots are the best solutions for text and sound customer interaction interfaces. Our team offers up-to-date AI development solutions based on OpenAI or custom-made algorithms. Harness the power of generative AI to boost your customer experience.

AI Integration and Deployment

​We provide extensive AI integration and deployment services. Our AI development solutions include integrating AI models into your CRM, ERP, or any other tool, connecting them with 3-rd party services and libraries to export data, etc. Our team of experts has extensive experience in machine learning algorithms, deep learning, and neural network research, development, and deployment.

AI-powered Automation

Our team has profound experience in data science and delivering AI-powered automation solutions. AI automation processes allow organizations to discover and analyze data patterns that can lead to automated actions optimizing business processes during each step.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Intelligent Virtual Assistants and other advanced chatbot integrations for customers. As part of our artificial intelligence app development services, we offer more personalized decisions such as connecting AI bots to messengers or creating an AI bot application with voice and facial recognition. Using natural language processing we create personalized virtual assistants completing a wide range of tasks.


AI development service provided by JustSoftLab can help you with this mission. Get an accurate time and cost estimation for your project.

Big enterprises and small businesses or startups alike can benefit from using artificial intelligence development services. For example, startups can leverage AI development services to build innovative products and services that utilize artificial intelligence. AI can help startups gain a competitive edge, attract investors, and scale their operations more effectively.

AI can make a positive difference in your business

User-Centric Experience

The prime role of AI in applications is to gather and process user-specific data and use it to augment the user experience. AI remembers and uses its memory to create an experience that places the user at its core.


Deploying AI in the custom application development process helps speed up the process, allowing developers to build robust devices in smaller time frames and with greater efficiency.

Smartphones today come loaded with a range of advanced hardware technologies such as GPS, cameras, microphones, voice notes, and so on. AI facilitates the collection of data from these hardware features to make applications more personalized and relevant in their outcomes.

Hardware Integration

Ultimate Personalization

Another smart way in which AI improves the application performance and outcomes is by building upon the element of personalization using users’ commands to their devices. For this, features such as a voice-based search can be embedded in the app to make the user experience more seamless.

Higher Engagement

Another key role of AI in applications is to use its algorithms to keep the users productively engaged. Businesses today are leveraging this aspect by integrating AI algorithms into a broad range of products for a more uniform, incentive-based, and well-rounded approach.

Leveraging AI to automate mundane manual tasks will allow to cut down on labour costs in the long run, minimize human errors, increase productivity and unlock new revenue streams.

Cost Savings

At JustSoftLab, we both work with ready-made solutions that can be configured and tailored to your needs and provide end-to-end custom AI development that offers the utmost flexibility, freedom and safety.

Some of our AI capabilities

Computer Vision

Computer vision emerges as the ultimate solution for visual analysis and comprehension tasks. We use neural networks and deep learning-based Visual Processing, alongside an extensive array of Computer Vision tools, which allows us to efficiently identify, analyze, and categorize images.

Natural Language Processing

If your objective is to analyze large volumes of customer feedback, enhance the customer experience for your business, and increase engagement and revenue, NLP (Natural Language Processing) would be the perfect solution.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms prove to be highly effective in creating dynamic problem-solving software products. By harnessing machine learning technology, unstructured data can be collected and converted into valuable insights, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your business operations.

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage smart business automation with in-built AI-driven data analytics, predictions, modeling, business insights extraction and other intelligent features. We’ll craft a custom-tailored automation strategy to solve the unique tasks of your business.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling stands as a fundamental AI development service, ideally suited for analyzing vast volumes of data and converting them into valuable predictions. These predictions can then be utilized to optimize the performance of business endeavors effectively.

Robotics Software

Bring intelligence to robotics by solving non-trivial tasks. We create software that enables robots to perform various tasks and functions autonomously or under human supervision. Equip your robotic devices with facial and voice recognition, advanced sensor data analytics and conversational AI power.

Our dedicated AI and data science software development experts possess extensive practical knowledge of the latest ML, AI, and big data tools, with experience in utilizing cutting-edge AI-powered technologies.

Technologies We Use


Java | Scala |  Python | R | Hadoup |

Spark | Mahout


TensorFlow | PyTorch | Scikit-learn | Keras

OpenCV | TensorFlow |

Object Detection API | PyTorch Vision



Pandas | Matplotlib | Tablea | Seaborn


Transformers | NLTK | spaCy | Gensim

Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Google Cloud Platform (GCP) | Azure


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