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Software Development Solutions

Created for a range of industries. At JustSoftLab, we’ve digitized and empowered existing businesses for small, medium, and large companies (including start-ups) from Europe, the USA, and the GCC Region since 2016.

Get the most from our experience

Unlike the 95% of software development companies that just produce the code, our team develops custom software solutions that is tailored to your needs precisely. We have implemented 100+ awesome web and mobile applications in the following industries:


Digitization of clinics, Doctor-on-Demand apps, healthy lifestyle applications, and other healthcare-related solutions that are compliant with medical software regulations like GDPR, IEC 62304, and so on.

If you need to process patient data securely, optimize the work of a medical organization, or launch a fully-fledged business in the healthcare domain successfully - you have found the place where your business challenges will be resolved.

On-Demand Economy

Digital on-demand economy products, namely taxi-services, food delivery, pet care, laundry, and other service and goods provision tools - are all software development solutions that we are experts in.

As we’ve created on-demand delivery services and consumer technology platforms from scratch, we can build and scale your business in the most suitable, optimized, and beneficial way.

Social Networking

Content-sharing and curations tools, location-based apps, distinct dating services, as well as interest-based networks - these are products that we can deliver on time and within the budget.

Our team is an experienced provider of software development solutions for social interaction and communication. If you are seeking uniqueness within your social-network app, we definitely know how to add value by placing trendy, advanced features, as well as the top practices of user interfacing.


Do you need to create software in order for banking and financial institutions to optimize their work and attract new users?

Our agency builds custom P2P lending platforms, personal & crypto wallets, currency exchange apps, and trading platforms. We are not limited to developing only these digital products, rather, we tailor our web and mobile development services to meet the requirements of your financial business.


Custom e-commerce software development solutions are within our field of expertise.

The inclusion of necessary third party tools, usage of security protocols, effective payment gateways, Big Data, prediction analysis, analytics and dashboards for strategic planning, as well as a custom-made admin panel - all of these can lead your retail or wholesale company to effective digitization of sales processes, a larger client base and number of orders, and finally on to higher profitability gains.


Platforms for accommodation reservations, as well as distinct booking systems with user-friendly and simple functionality - these are software development solutions provided by our team for the hospitality & food industries.

We deliver top-notch web and mobile app products with the help of advanced functionality like intuitive search, quick booking procedure, price-setting practices, personalized recommendations, and many others.

Entertainment and Media

Streaming tools, media-rich apps, video and audio services, event and venue management systems, apps with the utilization of AR & VR - these are software development solutions we can create to enhance user engagement and provide an innovative experience.

Gain higher user traction, loyalty, and brand recognition due to original functionality and usage of mature or emerging technologies.

Real Estate

Systems for real estate agents, apartment listing aggregators, property value estimators, real estate investment apps, and more - these are projects we can implement with your key objectives as the priority.

Receive a secure, innovative, and efficient digital product for your end-users with our software development solutions.


We develop web and mobile applications to improve the travel experience. Online ticketing systems, travel and flight search engines, car rentals, simple check-in systems, hotel and accommodation review services, and so on - these digital products can be directed to assist with a variety of travel activities.

Human Resources

Have you ever considered optimizing or increasing the efficiency of your HR department? Or have you thought of creating HR-related software, for instance, a career network?

Our team can provide software development solutions like employee training apps, pre-employment and onboarding software, effective HR information systems, and so on, to make HR processes more effective.


Vehicle tracking, logistics management tools, route planning, shipping refund software - these and other software development solutions can be delivered based on your transportation business requirements. These custom solutions definitely enhance operations’ effectiveness and decrease related expenses.


We can develop software products for a variety of other industries, whether they’re for existing companies or start-ups. Gain value from our software development solutions that are tailored to your end-users needs, your set KPIs, and your business strategy.

Awards and recognition for our software development company

Our approach, expertise, and creativity in supporting and serving our clients have been recognized many times by credible IT research platforms. Our software development company highly appreciates such recognition. We are designed to sustain and grow our service level to resolve complex business problems and provide quality solutions in web and mobile software development.

Let’s TALK

A consultation with a Client Relationship Manager without any commitment from your side will give you:

  • Structured and clear vision of your future application

  • Information about how our software development company guarantees 100% on-time and on-budget delivery

  • Recommendations for choosing the tech stack

  • Advice on further steps

  • Business-side recommendations

  • -Rough project estimation for software development