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Social Media Software Development

As the world becomes more connected, the demand for both niche and all-in-one social media solutions skyrockets too. Long story short, modern users love them and would be happy to take on the next fresh app. We invite you to join the social media revolution with our social networking app development services.

We bring extensive experience in eCommerce websites and custom retail software services as well as a deep understanding of the highly competitive nature of retail business.

What We Do: Social Media App Development Services 

Social Networks

Looking for ways to create the next big thing in the social media world? We understand the unique opportunities that come with creating a disruptive social media solution, so let’s embrace them together.

Consumer Reviews Networks

As social proof becomes more important for modern users, creating a customer reviews platform can be a winning idea. We would be happy to bring your unique vision to life.

Chat Apps

Whether you want to build a chat app for a wide audience or need a double-secured solution for internal communication, partner with us to leverage our latest practices in chat app development.

Video-based Apps

Want to create a social app that captivates and engages? Let’s capitalize on the strongest trends of recent years and provide the users with a video-based social media solution.

Dating Apps

If you have a great dating app idea in mind, you are at the right place to make it happen. Our team has deep and diverse experience in dating app development, from ideation to launch and beyond.

The amount of content users produce grows exponentially, so let’s give them an easy way to store, share and promote it with your new media-sharing platform created in a partnership with us.

Media Sharing Platforms

We provide mobile application development solutions for the most thriving industries with the highest growth potential. The main niches we serve include but aren’t limited to social media, online dating, education.

Feature-Packed Social Media Application Development

Search Functionality


Direct Messaging

Groups and Communities

Likes and Comments

User Profile

Analytics and Insights


News Feeds

Posting and Sharing

Interest-Driven Explore Page

Voice and Video Calls

Let’s TALK

A consultation with the Client Relationship Manager, who represents our software development company, without any commitment from your side, will give you:

  • Structured and clear vision of your future application

  • Information about how our software development company guarantees 100% on-time and on-budget delivery

  • Recommendations for choosing the tech stack

  • Advice on further steps

  • Business-side recommendations

  • Rough project estimation on software development



Privacy and Security Settings

Emojis and Stickers

Live Video Streaming

Filters and Effects

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