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Real Estate Software Solutions

88% of housing units in the US are occupied. This marks an increasing demand for real estate management services. If you want to get a win-to-win solution and keep conquering the industry, go for digitization. JustSoftLab builds secure and user-friendly platforms that engage clients to choose your services, revamp back-office functioning, and help real estate businesses connect with other stakeholders to double value.

What You'll Get with Our Solutions

Custom real estate solutions

Forbytes builds real estate software solutions that are fully customized to our clients’ needs. Customized products help real estate agents, leasing companies, brokers, and property owners organize their digital portfolio, reach maximum data visibility, ensure effective transaction management, capital management, and communication with customers.

Smart technology for better ROI

We use cutting-edge technologies for developing AI real estate solutions that lead to higher ROI and better business outcomes. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science solutions for real estate are integrated to get real-time market data, develop effective pricing strategies, offer relevant recommendations to customers to drive more contracts, and more.

Property lifecycle management

We are capable of building software for property management that will automate manual tasks, facilitate lead generation, centralize relevant data, and streamline interactions with stakeholders. You’ll use one hub for tracking and performing key business-related activities, including sales, marketing, lead management, communication, client service, and more.

Real estate industry digitization

If you offer real estate management services, it’s highly recommended to undergo digital transformation. With powerful software for real estate, you’ll consolidate your business effort and offer a convenient and intuitive experience for your client. An easy-to-use software solution encourages the audience to choose you among competitors and recommend you to their peers.

Our Expertise

Property management platforms

Real estate professionals at JustSoftLab develop commercial and residential property management solutions. These include smart building management apps, hotel management software, home service management tools, office management platforms, and more.

CRM systems for agents and brokers

Real estate CRM software is a must for modern retail agencies and brokers. A customer relationship management solution built by JustSoftLab can streamline communication with clients, drive marketing automation, improve lead nurturing strategies, provide numerous integrations and predictive analytics tools, etc.

Our team builds effective mobile solutions for admins, property managers, tenants, property owners, hotel staff, etc. Mobile tools for the real estate business are goal-focused, engaging, and accessible 24/7. Mobile real estate apps can help you reach a new audience, achieve maximum responsiveness, and increase client satisfaction rate.

Mobile property management apps

Multiple listing service (MLS)

85% of firms encourage the use of MLS. We create powerful multiple listing management apps that help a real estate agent consolidate and share information across numerous channels using one tool, open new sales opportunities, keep track of price fluctuations, manage investments, etc.

Lease administration software

Such software unifies the work of all professionals of lease management in one system. Apart from essential functionality, JustSoftLab can build reporting and analytics features, add third-party integrations, effective monitoring tools, etc.

Mortgage management software

JustSoftLab builds custom mortgage management solutions that streamline the user journey to mortgage application and approval. Such tools save employee time that can be devoted to engaging clients in partnership, offering extra value, and providing additional profitable services.

How We Add Value

02. AI & ML  Integrations

Working with big figures is a vital part of real estate software development. The more data you have, the better decisions you make. JustSoftLab builds AI real estate solutions and works with top-notch technologies and algorithms. We enable vendors to increase forecast accuracy and open access to insightful analytics.

01. Connecting Stakeholders

Our goal is to build the best real estate software that will give you maximum value and connect as many stakeholders in one place as possible. If your choice is an end-to-end platform connecting agents and buyers, then we’ll build convenient interfaces for both parties to manage their daily operations with no effort.

04. Compliant Solutions

JustSoftLab is a real estate software development company that follows security standards and regulations. We are a GDPR-compliant company that assures data security and privacy for its clients. We also dive into industry-specific compliances and can integrate data on regulations and requirements into your solution to standardize processes for all stakeholders.

03. Process Automation

It’s hard to make a good deal without quality human communication. But being overloaded with paperwork and manual jobs, your managers have less time for engaging with customers. JustSoftLab suggests freeing your team from mundane work by automating processes and giving them more chances to set a connection with clients.

Let’s TALK

A consultation with the Client Relationship Manager, who represents our software development company, without any commitment from your side, will give you:

  • Structured and clear vision of your future application

  • Information about how our software development company guarantees 100% on-time and on-budget delivery

  • Recommendations for choosing the tech stack

  • Advice on further steps

  • Business-side recommendations

  • Rough project estimation on software development

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