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Project Overview: 

In alliance with the Client, our objective was to sculpt a platform tailored towards championing the aspirations of social media creators and influencers, reinventing their journey of brand evolution.

Platform Features: 

The core of Famepick offers a dual interface, available on both web and mobile, presenting a groundbreaking shift from the traditional endorsement model. The platform endeavors to democratize the endorsement landscape by facilitating businesses of all scales to effortlessly discover, secure, and launch celebrity-driven marketing campaigns.

Technical Expertise and Challenges: 

Our technical prowess was significantly demonstrated through the choice and implementation of cutting-edge tools such as React, MobX, and React Native for the app’s creation. Complementing these were technologies like SWR, Auth0, ElasticSearch, Chargebee, and SendBird, which fortified the app’s functionality and user experience. Throughout our collaborative journey, our adept development team not only navigated but also adeptly tackled the professional challenges, underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence.


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Project team

  • 2 Developer

  • 1 Designer

  • 1 QA engineer

  • 1 PM

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