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Custom Software Development

Web and mobile solutions for the internet and mobile provider that optimize the work of the tech support team and visualize statistical data

Project description

We created a custom admin panel for the internet, communication, and SMS provider located in New Zealand and web and mobile applications for their clients. The admin panel manages the company’s services and products like SIP trunking, fibre broadband, etc. With the help of the admin panel, which is also integrated into the marketing and client support system Zendesk, tech support managers solve customers’ problems faster and more efficiently. As for the client’s customers – they have a convenient application for web, iOS, and Android platforms. They can view and change plans, view details on their mobile, voice and SMS data usage, download reports, get special offers and bonuses, make purchases via several payment methods, etc.

Problem introduction

Our client needed a platform for the client support team to have all necessary admin tools in one software item. We were requested to solve two main problems to increase managers’ efficiency and enhance client satisfaction rate.


The first problem was the lack of comprehensive statistical data visualization, while the second business issue was the utter need for tech support work optimization. By having multiple admin panels, tech support managers struggled with providing high-quality and fast problem-solving.


Additionally, the client needed a mobile solution that would increase the customer satisfaction rate with the company’s products and services.

Project team

  • 3 Developer

  • 1 QA engineer

  • 1 PM

  • Industry: Enterprise, Media

  • Platforms: Web, Mobile

  • Role: Software developer, IT consultant

  • Tech Stack: Vue.js, Flutter, Highcharts

Main goals

  • Build a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing user interface

  • Optimize the work of the tech support team by gathering all admin tools in one place

  • Create a convenient and intuitive dashboard for managers

  • Provide illustrative statistical data visualization

  • Cover web, iOS, and Android platforms

Custom Software Development


We provided a wide range of development and consulting services. Our work on the platform’s UI/UX helped the client’s tech support team optimize their processes and increase the speed of responding to the customer’s request. Now, working with the statistical data on customers, payment transactions, and tickets is maximum efficient because the data is presented as comprehensible graphs, tables, and charts.  


Our mobile design and development team enhanced the platform with a cross-platform application that works on iOS and Android devices. We developed an intuitive interface so the users won’t have any difficulties with app navigation. Users can view info on their sim card, indicate its lost status, and add a new one. Also, the users can view active services, plans, balances, offers, payment methods, send feedback, change their profile info, make payments, etc.

  • Statistical data in graphs, tables, and charts

  • Admin panel integration with Zendesk

  • Client data monitoring and editing

  • The functionality required for effective tech support work

  • In-app payments for customers

Core Functionality:​

Custom Software Development
  • Custom interface architecture that boosts managers’ work efficiency

  • Web and cross-platform mobile applications for customers

  • Statistical data visualization as graphs, tables, and charts

  • Integration of our application into the Zendesk platform

  • Intuitive admin panel for the tech support team


Let’s TALK

A consultation with the Client Relationship Manager, who represents our software development company, without any commitment from your side, will give you:

  • Structured and clear vision of your future application

  • Information about how our software development company guarantees 100% on-time and on-budget delivery

  • Recommendations for choosing the tech stack

  • Advice on further steps

  • Business-side recommendations

  • Rough project estimation on software development

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